Top Banking Tools

To make your banking experience and transactions easier and faster, you can count on third-party apps that enable you to do practically everything on the go, from paying your bills to budgeting. Here are some mobile banking tools to consider:

AT&T Mobile Banking

Compatible with a broad array of AT&T phones, this mobile banking tool can be used for bills payment, fund transfer, and checking histories and balances in your multiple accounts.

Capital One Mobile

Considered one of the best apps by big banks, Capital One Mobile works with any Android device for managing not just bank accounts but also credit cards and car and home loans. With this app, you can pay bills, set up alerts, check your account balances, and more.

Mint: A budgeting app for iPhones

Working with over 7,000 banks in America, Mint makes it effortless for a user to manage their money on the fly. With this app, you can monitor your investments, be alerted when you’re running short of cash or credit, check your balances and transactions, and a whole lot more. Even if your iPhone gets lost, you can keep your sensitive bank information safe because it’s password protected—no one can access your app except you.

Sprint MyMoneyManager

If you often use PayPal for sending and receiving payments, then this is the ideal tool for you. Aside from letting you handle your payments and check your balance on PayPal, the Sprint MyMoneyManager also allows paying bills, checking balances, and find banks that are close to your location. Compatible with a broad range of Sprint phones, this online tool works with Citibank, PNC, BB&T, and IBC Bank.